What is your Favorite Time of the Year? – Vote for your Favorite Season.

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What is your favorite season poll?

What is your favorite season?   What season do you anticipate the most?  According to a BuzzFeed survey in 2015, 57% of the people polled said fall is their favorite season with a total of 29.3K votes.  Summer got 17% with 8,867 votes and spring and winter trailed tied for last place at 11%.  Another survey on the Adventure Journal had fall coming in first place again with 57% of the votes, then winter at 16%, summer at 13% and spring in the last place with 11%.  Isn’t it a surprise that so many people say that fall is their favorite season?  I would have thought that summer would come in first place.  It seems like everyone loves summer making it the most popular vacation time according to Lonely Planet where two-thirds of Americans took a vacation during the summer of 2017.  Ask any child in school what their favorite season is and I bet more than half would say summer since there is no school! It was definitely my favorite season as a kid.


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If you ask me the question, “what is my favorite season now?”  I would say that fall is my favorite, then winter, spring, and summer in last place.  I love fall because the air turns crisp and invigorating, the leaves on the trees change colors in patterns of red, yellow, orange and gold.  Fall is a perfect time of year to be outdoors enjoying mother nature before it transitions to winter.  I never fully appreciated the change of seasons, till I moved to San Diego, California from New York and was faced with two seasons a year – summer and spring.  During my 12 years in San Diego, I realized how much I missed experiencing fall and winter.


Mountain Lakes Fall Walk in the Woods-Princeton, NJMy favorite fall photo


Winter is my second favorite season.  I can hear people groaning right now, saying that they don’t like the winter, it’s too cold, they can’t do stuff outside, they don’t like shoveling snow and on and on.  For me, winter is the time to take out my cross-country skis and ski as much as possible.  This completely depends on snowfall in New Jersey.  In the 10 years, I have been living in Princeton there has been fabulous snow years and disappointing snow years.  Instead of staying inside where it is warm and dry, I am out in raging snowstorms xc skiing as much as possible since the window of snow opportunity is so short here in NJ.

Winter ducks on the Lake Mountain Lakes Preserve Princeton, NJ

It was a glorious winter day!


Spring is the season of flowers and I LOVE Flowers! Living on the east coast, Spring awakens with a burst of floral delight. Trees come alive with color and the smells are magical.  Luckily, I do not have allergies, which allows me to really enjoy the springtime.  Besides getting the garden ready for vegetables, I am visiting beautiful homes and gardens to take as many floral pictures as possible.

pink Peony flower

Pretty in Pink Peony Flower


Summer is my least favorite time of year.  Being a redhead, I have to cover myself with sunscreen and bug spray diligently, to keep my skin from burning and the mosquitoes from devouring me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  When the temperature gets over 80 degrees, doesn’t matter whether it is humid or not, I want to run inside in my air-conditioned house.  I think I spend more time inside in the summer than the winter.

Beach Ecola State Park, Oregon Coastline

A private beach for you to enjoy.

Whatever your favorite season is-enjoy it!  Take the time to be outside, doing the things you love in your happy time of the year.

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